The New Way to
Dine and Pay

The remote control to your favorite restaurant. Take action instead of waiting! Easily review your check, reorder an item, give feedback, tip and pay! Try it on your phone now!

Enter Code

Use the code provided by the server or at the end of your receipt. Scan the QR code or enter the 6-digit code at on your mobile browser.


This is more than just payment. When you use NCR Mobile Pay, your phone becomes a remote to your dining experience.

Pay / Feedback

The wait is over! At any time you can press pay without handing over your card. You can also easily leave valued feedback that will be seen by restaurant management.

E-mail Receipt

If you are logged in to Mobile Pay, you’ll receive your receipt automatically in your inbox!

What is NCR Mobile Pay?

Mobile Pay allows you to interact with your check and pay at particpating restaurants directly from your phone. You can order another drink as soon as you need it or alert your server and the server will immediately be notified.

There’s more- Log into Mobile Pay so you can save your favorite items for your next visit. Did you love your food or think it could be better? Give direct feedback to the restaurant with a thumbs up or thumbs down. When you are done pay securely through your PayPal account or with your credit card. Save the information for easy access next time and you are done!



  • Is paying through NCR Mobile Pay secure?
    • Yes, payment information is securely encrypted in our cloud database and your information is never sent over the wire in plain text. In fact, it’s even safer than your typical card transaction because your card never leaves your sight.
  • Do I have to download an app to use NCR Mobile Pay?
    • No. To access your check, visit in your phone’s browser!
  • Why do I need to log in to use some features?
    • Some features within NCR Mobile Pay are there to improve your current and future dining experiences.  If you’d like to mark your favorite appetizer or save your regularly-used credit card for example, these will be saved to your account for you to login and access at your future visits.
  • How do I know I’ve paid? How do I know my server got the tip I left?
    • You’ll get the notification “Your check has been paid” along the top of your check screen.  The server’s notification will pop up on the terminal to let them know you’ve paid.